Disposable Bag Fees

Disposable Bag Remittance Form

HB21-1162 was signed by Governor Polis on July 6, 2021.  HB21-1162, titled “PLASTIC POLLUTION REDUCTION ACT”, imposes a 10 cent fee on all recycled paper carryout bags and single-use plastic carryout bags that are provided to certain customers.  


Who has to collect the fees?

A retail establishment at which carryout bags are traditionally provided to customers unless it operates solely in Colorado; has 3 or fewer locations in Colorado; and is not part of a franchise, corporation, or partnership that has physical locations outside of Colorado.


Which customers don’t have to pay the fee?

Customers that provide evidence to the store that they participate in a federal or state food assistance program.


When does this start?

On January 1, 2023 is when stores must begin collecting the fees.


When and where do I remit the City’s share of the fees?

The first payment is not due until April of 2024.  The City will have a form on their website (see above) for you to fill out and send in with your payment.  The City will accept payments before April 2024 if you wish to pay sooner.  Remittance will be due on the last day of the month following a quarter-end.  For example, fees collected in Jan – Mar of 2023 would be remitted by April 30, 2023.  You can pay the City with cash, check, or credit card.  You can fill out the form on-line, print it out, sign it, and e-mail it to Billing@fortluptonco.gov and call in a payment with a credit card.  You can mail it to us at the address above along with a check.  You can also come in to City Hall with your form and pay it with cash or any other payment type listed.


Please see https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb21-1162 for more complete information.  This letter is just a brief summary relating to the payment to the City.  There is much more to this law so please read it to ensure complete compliance.