Bad Art Club

Bad art club

The judgement free art zone!

Have you been dying to try a new style of art or new type of material? Maybe it's too expensive to buy for home or maybe you're too worried about being judged to try it at school. We have you covered!

At Bad Art Club, you will get a chance every month to try something new! Canvas painting, charcoal drawings, clay modeling, water colors, mosaic art, and more! If we are feeling crafty instead of artsy, we'll break out slime, jewelry making, and diamond art too! 

You know what the VERY best part of Bad Art Club is? We will display EVERYONES art. Not just the "best", most professional looking art. But the art that is "just ok" or "not the best" or maybe even just "bad". Because all art is awesome art and we want to show it all off!

First Thursdays of every month. Ages 9-12.