Culture Parks Recreation and Museum Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 6 p.m.
  • The first Tuesday of every month
  • Fort Lupton Recreation Center
         203 S. Harrison Ave.
         Fort Lupton, CO 80621


  • Amy Adkins / Term Ends 12/31/23
  • Monty Schuman, City Liaison
  • Brian Oswalt, City Liaison


Culture, Parks and Recreation and Museum Committee was established to advise the City Council on matters relating to the culture, parks, recreational and museum affairs of the City including policy issues, parks and open space land issues, the community center, recreational programs, service needs, and management practices.

The Committee shall have the broad authority to study and research any and all culture, parks, and recreation matters including, but not limited to, industry practices, programmatic analysis, regional studies, and other matters appropriately of interest to the Committee. The Committee shall monitor City programs and shall advise and make recommendations to the City Council on necessary changes or modifications and on matters relating to the preservation of history and ways to promote the history of the area.