Cemetery Rules & Regulations (in Summary)

  • Live flowers may be planted and cultivated on any grave at any time as long as they are contained in a headstone setting.
  • Artificial or fresh cut flowers may be placed in any vase at any time. However, they will be discarded when dead, faded, broken, or anything of a similar nature.
  • Sprays and wreaths made from fresh cut flowers will be allowed, but they will be removed within two weeks when they become unsightly.
  • Christmas blankets and wreaths will be allowed from December 1 through March 1.
  • Artificial sprays and wreaths will be allowed at any time. The city shall remove all artificial sprays and wreaths when they become unsightly.
  • Bushes or trees of any kind, except rose or peony, are not allowed including juniper, Pfizer, or the like. Rose bushes or peonies will be allowed as long as they are contained in a headstone setting.
  • The placing of boxes, shells, stones, boulders, toys, ornaments, chairs, vases, glass, urns, fences, wood or metal cases, unapproved grave markers, and settees upon lots shall not be permitted.
  • Anyone employed in erecting or placing monuments or other structures must obtain a permit before commencing work.
  • Dogs, except those used for hearing or visually impaired persons, shall not be allowed in the cemetery.
  • Do not drink the water. It comes from a ditch.

Full Version of Rules and Regulations (PDF)