Drinking Water

The City of Fort Lupton Public Works is focusing on backflow prevention - the reverse flow of contaminated water into a building's water supply. The law requires that every connection with the public water system be protected with a backflow prevention device. This device must be tested by a licensed Backflow Tester during initial installation, and then annually. A test report must be filed with the Public Works Department.

Currently backflow requirements apply to commercial businesses and multifamily units. It is the responsibility of the property owner to have backflow prevention assemblies installed and tested by a Certified Colorado Cross Connection Control Technical who is also licensed with the City of Fort Lupton.

The City of Fort Lupton has hired Aqua Backflow to manage and monitor backflow assemblies, track existing devices, identify the need of a business to install a new device, ensure that devices are tested annually, and improve communication with water customers. This is a major step forward in the protection of the City's drinking water from contamination by end users.

If you have a backflow prevention assembly on your property, please do your part to ensure a safe drinking water supply for yourself and everyone in Fort Lupton. If you have any questions about Fort Lupton's Cross Connection Program, please feel free to call the Public Works Department at 303-857-6694.