Construction Projects

Capital Projects

Water Meter Upgrades

  • Pilot program set to start with 10 sites to test software integration and usage readibility.
  • 500 water meters will receive upgraded components in 2020.

Bike Trail

  • Currently in planning stage

College Avenue at 9th Street Paving

  • Designs are complete.
  • Project will go out to bid March 2021.
  • Anticipated start mid June 2021.

Coyote Creek Filing 2 & 3 Irrigation Booster Pumps

  • Project is complete.
  • Irrigation system will be operational in 2021.

Kahil Reconstruction

  • Drainage completed February 2021.
  • Sidewalk & roadway portion of the project is anticipated to be completed mid June 2021.

County Road 23.5

  • Project is currently out to bid.
  • Anticipated start April 2021.
  • Project includes a regrade and drainage improvements.

6th Street from Denver Avenue to Rail Road Right of Way

  • Delayed due to utility changes on Denver Avenue
  • Project is currently on hold.

Non City Developments

College Avenue Waterline Extension

  • The waterline at Highway 52 crossing under into the Mountain Sky Subdivision
  • Project is complete.

Mountain Sky Subdivision (South College Avenue)

  • Filing 2 is complete.
  • Filing 3 is anticipated to begin March 2021.

Cottonwood Greens Subdivision (north of 9th Street & east of Fulton Ditch)

  • Project anticipated to start Spring 2021.

Fulton Village

  • Baessler Homes are constructing new homes.
  • Infrastructure is complete.

United Power 9th Street Project

  • Estimated start 09/14/2020
  • Estimated completion 11/13/2020
  • Retiring overhead electrical line. New underground line will be installed in private easement. Work will be from Birch Ct. to College Avenue.
  • Expect one lane roads in the work area.

Denver Avenue Streetscape

  • Design is complete. 
  • Project goes out to bid February 2021.

Lupton Village Subdivision

  • Anticipated to start Summer 2021

Non-City Utility Work

To find possible construction impacts please contact the utility company conducting the work:

Century Link 1-800-526-3557

CDOT Projects

Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999

United Power