Construction Projects

Capital Projects

Water Meter Upgrades

  • On hold due to supply issues.
  • Anticipated for 2024 Budget

Bike Trail

  • Currently in planning stage

College Avenue at 9th Street Paving

  • Designs are complete.
  • 9th Street from College Avenue to Coyote Creek Dr. is complete.
  • Added Hwy 52 & College Ave - Started July 17, 2023. Asphalt, curb and gutter have been completed. 

Harrison Avenue from 1st Street - 9th Street

Lift Station Force Main

  • Going out to bid Fall 2023
  • All major components have been ordered and are scheduled to be installed the end of 2023
  • Other parts will be going out to bid Fall 2023
  • Study underway for location and system needs

2023 Asphalt and Concrete Project

  • Project started on July 24, 2023 and is expected to be completed in late-August. 
  • All water cuts and asphalt patch backs from all our water main breaks with the asphalt patch backs on County Road 14 have been done.

Non City Developments

Mountain Sky Subdivision (South College Avenue) & Murata Subdivision

  • Coyote Creek Filing 4 anticipated for construction Summer 2023.
  • Detention pond will be completed by Murata.

Cottonwood Greens Subdivision (north of 9th Street & east of Fulton Ditch)

  • Filings 1-3 homes are under construction.
  • Filing 4 townhomes beginning Summer 2023
  • Filings 5-10 have been approved.

Denver Avenue Streetscape

  • Project is moving along.  
  • 3rd Street is fully open, waiting on striping and colored concrete to fully complete the 3rd Street intersection. 
  • 4th Street on the west side is open. Waiting on striping and colored concrete for completion.   
  • 4th Street on the east side is closed. Waiting on Survey crew to get elevation marks in order to progress with sidewalk and asphalt pouring. 
  • Roads and utilities are currently under construction.

Vista Meadows Subdivision (south of County Road 12 west of County Road 29.5)

  • Anticipated to start construction Fall 2023
  • Road paving will be done by the contractor.
  • Anticipated intersection closure from 9/27/23-9/29/23
  • Anticipated road closure from 10/02/23-10/06/23

Willow Crossing Subdivision

  • Currently in Phase 1 of home building.

14th Street Drainage Project

  • Currently under design
  • Cottonwood Greens Filing 5-10 includes 14th Street drainage from County Road 31 to the ditch
  • Willow Crossing subdivision will include 14th Street drainage from the ditch to Northrup Dr.

Non-City Utility Work

To find possible construction impacts please contact the utility company conducting the work:

Century Link 1-800-526-3557

CDOT Projects

Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999

United Power 303-637-1300