Citywide Yard Sale - July 10 & July 11, 2020

The Citywide Yard Sale Event is held every year. To be a part of the event, contact City Hall no later than Tuesday, June 30, 2020 to be included in the July 8th edition of the Fort Lupton Press, the City’s website, and social media. No city permit is required. This does not count toward your yearly yard sale total. Please call 303-857-6694 to be included on the list or if you have any questions.

Regular Yard Sale Permit

Garage/yard sales are limited to four (4) sales per year and one sale consists of a maximum of two (2) days (e.g. Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday).  See Fort Lupton Municipal Code Section 6-163(2).  Each sale requires a new permit. 

According to Fort Lupton Municipal Code Section 16-148(4), garage and yard sale signs can be posted on private property with the expressed permission of the property owner/lessee.  Sign posting is limited to three (3) days prior to the sale.  Signs need to be removed the day following the sale or a summons may be issued.

NO SIGNS SHALL BE POSTED ON ANY PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY (i.e. stop signs, street signs, utility poles or pedestrian thoroughfare), pursuant to Fort Lupton Municipal Code Sections 16-147(4) and 16-148(4).

You may bring your form to City Hall, or email your form to If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 303-857-6694. 

Yard Sale Permit