RFP for Streetscape & Entryway Plan

The Fort Lupton Urban Renewal Authority is seeking competive proposals from qualified planning individuals and consultant teams who are interested in developing a streetscape and entryway improvement plan for portions of Fort Lupton's two main commercial corridors, First Street (State Highway 52), and Denver Avenue.

Proposals must be submitted by no later than August 10, 2018 at 3 p.m. to be considered. More information can be found in the Request for Proposals document:

RFP: Streetscape and Entryway Plan (PDF)

First Addendum to RFP: Streetscape and Entryway Plan (PDF)

Second Addendum to RFP: Streetscape and Entryway Plan (PDF) 
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Existing Functional Plans

Fort Lupton Comprehensive Plan (PDF) ("Picture Fort Lupton") (2018)

Downtown Subarea Design Guidelines (PDF) (section in the Comprehensive Plan) (2018)

Fort Lupton Transportation Plan (PDF) (2018)

Fort Lupton Parks and Trails Master Plan (PDF) (2018)

Getting Down to Business: The Fort Lupton Business Corridor Plan (PDF) (2004)

FLURA Facade Improvement Grant Program Guidelines (PDF) (2018)

Fort Lupton Core Urban Renewal Plan (PDF) (2015)

Three Mile Area Plan (PDF) (2018)

City of Fort Lupton Residential Design Standards (PDF) (2007)

City of Fort Lupton Commercial and Industrial Design Standards (PDF) (2008)

City of Fort Lupton Standards and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements (2015)

City of Fort Lupton Preservation Plan (PDF) (1996)

Utility Maps (PDF) (Waterlines, Sanitary Sewer Lines and Storm Sewer Lines)