The FLPD believes in a philosophy that includes an importance on citizen contacts. These contacts aid the police department in catching “the bad guys”, which gives our citizens the safety in knowing that we care about their well being.

The Ft. Lupton community is growing, and our City understands the importance of conserving the protection of its citizens. We offer competitive benefits and compensation packages that are analyzed regularly to stay current. We encourage you to speak with one of our officers to better learn the culture of the FLPD and the impact you can make on the community by joining our force. 

Why choose FLPD?

-Supportive culture of growth and pro-activity. 

-Support from supervision & city management. 

-Each employee is treated as an individual.

-Growth encouraged for each employee.

-Work would be enjoyable. 

-Diversity is encouraged and recognized as a benefit.

-Supervision focuses on creating an environment to assist each officer be more professional and live our slogan, "find a way to help" when interacting with our citizens. 

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Recruitment Brochure 2022
Recruitment Brochure 2022