Biggest Loser Challenge

Biggest Loser Challenge New Dates 1


  • The Biggest Loser will run from Monday, January 28th 5:30 am through Monday, March 4th at 5:00 pm.
  • Teams are responsible for keeping track of their results each week.   
  • The week will run from Monday to Sunday.
  • All exercise for points must take place at FLRC facilities. 
  • Team points must be completed by Sunday of every week to be posted.
  • Weight totals for the week must be done by Sunday or sooner on scale in fitness room.  
  • Results & Weight loss documentation will be on Honor System.  
  • Final weigh-in will be documented by staff the week of February 18th.
  • Weekly Bonus Activities can be repeated during the week.  

Points System:

  • Every 15 minutes of cardio/pool/weightlifting = 25 points (2 hour max limit per day =200 pts)
  • Participation in any land or water fitness class = 100 points (Max (2) classes a day)
  • 1 pound weight loss = 100 points
  • Weekly Bonus Activities as announced 200 points.  Will be at bottom of workout sheet.  (Monday thru Sunday)
  • Come together and workout as a team at the Rec  = 400 points.   
  • All activity must take place on Rec grounds.


  • 1st prize most total percent weight loss per team receive one month extension on membership & free entry to May Day 5k Run/Walk.
  • 2nd prize most total points accumulated for Team Workouts will receive movie passes & free entry to May Day 5K Run/Walk.
  • Male & female with most percent body weight loss receive free entry to the May Day 5k Run/Walk
  • Each week if a team earns 1500 points for that week their names get put in a drawing for a prize too!

For more information, please call Lacie at 303.857.4200 ext. 6171 or e-mail at