RFP for Update to Development Codes

The City of Fort Lupton is seeking proposals from qualified consultants that are interested in carrying out an update to the Development Codes of the Fort Lupton Municipal Code. Specifically, the City is interested in an update to the Zoning Regulations (Chapter 16) and Subdivision Regulations (Chapter 17). A review of Chapter 9 on Oil and Gas Exploration and Development is also requested.

Proposal Submittal Deadline: August 19, 2019 by 3:00 PM.

The RFP can be viewed here:

Fort Lupton Code Update RFP

Addendum to Code Update RFP; Responses to Questions

Second Addendum to Code Update RFP: Draft Consultant Services Agreement

Existing Functional Plans (Referenced in the RFP)

Picture Fort Lupton (Fort Lupton Comprehensive Plan) (2018)
Fort Lupton Transportation Plan (2018)
Fort Lupton Parks & Trails Master Plan (2018)
Rooted in Fort Lupton. Final Conceptual Master Plan: Fort Lupton Commercial Corridor Streetscape Project (2019)
Getting Down to Business: The Fort Lupton Business Corridor Plan (2004)
Fort Lupton Core Urban Renewal Plan (2015)
FLURA Facade Improvement Grant Program Guidelines (2019)
Three Mile Area Plan (2019)
City of Fort Lupton Residential Design Standards (2007)
City of Fort Lupton Commercial and Industrial Design Standards (2008)
City of Fort Lupton Standards and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements (2015)
City of Fort Lupton Preservation Plan (1996)