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City of Fort Lupton Declares State of Emergency Related to COVID-19

at Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Council Meeting NEWS RELEASE

Fort Lupton, CO-  Following a declaration of emergency by Weld County Colorado, and the announcement of the State of Colorado and the US Center for Disease Control that the COVID-19 Virus has become a global pandemic, Mayor Zo Stieber today declared a state of emergency in the City of Fort Lupton.

Last night at the City Council Meeting, Mayor Stieber shared a Point of Privilege statement some of what the Mayor said was this,  “During the COVID-19 respiratory pandemic, I encourage every resident to take the time to acquaint themselves with extra sanitation procedures Weld County recommends and to the limit the time you spend around people whom you are not familiar with.  If you are in the higher risk groups, which are those with underlying health conditions, and folks over 60 years of age like me, please remember to watch what you touch and what touches you. Social distancing can keep the spread of airborne virus to a minimum."

Resolution Declaring a Local Disaster

We invite you to click the following images below to find further City of Fort Lupton resources.

On another note, the City of Fort Lupton is asking for your help. Please do not flush any items besides toilet paper down the toilet. 

Toilet paper is the only paper safe to flush down the toilet. You do not want to risk a very costly backup. 


Bathroom wipes (even if they are flushable)
Paper towels
Shop rags
Cotton balls
Dental floss
Fats, oils, and grease
Cat litter
Feminine hygiene products

Thank you for your help.