Burn Permits


   Smoke Management Permits

Smoke management permits may be issued for commercial burns (e.g., land development) or those exceeding the open burn permit restrictions. These are not issued by Weld County and must be submitted through the State of Colorado Air Pollution Control Division for review.
To apply for a pile smoke management permit visit https://cdphe.colorado.gov/apens-and-air-permits/get-a-pile-smoke-permit

   What to know before you burn

  • Check with the local Fire District- Website: www.fortluptonfire.org /Address:2999 9th Street Fort Lupton CO 80621/ Phone: 303-857-4603
  • No person shall conduct any open burning activity, not specifically exempted in the state regulation, without first obtaining an open burning permit. (See common exemptions under rules and regulations.
  • Open burn permits are valid for two weeks from the date of issuance.
  • Open burn permits do not relieve the applicant from complying with all relevant federal, state and local rules and regulations.

   Weld County Rules & Regulations


Open Burn Restrictions:

  • Non- Agricultural commercial properties (i.e., commercially zoned and/or non agricultural land use permits) are not eligible for an open burn permit.
  • Only natural wood (i.e., tree trimmings, branches, etc,) and vegetative materials (i.e., leaves, weeds, natural fabrics, clean paper, clean cardboard, etc.) may be burned.
  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, commercial waste, clean lumber, pallets, tree stumps, tires, chemicals, plastic, construction debris and furniture.
  • Total amount to burn during one burn permit shall be less than 1 ton.
  • Pile sizes shall be no larger than 512 cubic feet or 8'x8'x8', and only one pile may burn at a time. OR broadcast burn areas no larger than 10 acres of grass only and 5 acres of other vegetation.
  • Burning in barrels is prohibited,
  • Open burn permits are not valid during periods of publicly announced air pollution emergencies or alerts in the areas of the proposed burn.

Open Burn Permit Requirements

  • Burn must be supervised by individual with the capacity to implement fire suppression.
  • Fire suppression must be readily available at all times during the burn.
  • The local fire protection district shall be notified prior to commencing the burn.
  • This permit does not relieve the applicant from complying with all federal, state, and local (including fire protection district) and regulations.
  • All burns shall be out cold prior to sunset.

Air Quality Advisories and Emergency Restrictions

 Open Burn Permits are not valid during periods of publicly announced air pollution emergencies or "Red Flag Days"  issued for severe fire weather alerts.

Red Flag Days

Air Quality Advisories

Emergency Restrictions & Burn Bans


State of Colorado Air Pollution Control Division (CDPHE-APCD) Regulations

    Fire Protection District Contact Phone Numbers


Additional Information

      For additional information, please refer to the 2018 International Fire Code and The City of Fort Luptons municipal code                 ( Sec 7-91)