Home Occupation Application

Prior to conducting any commercial activities within a residence, a Home Occupation Certification must be applied for and approved by the Planning Department. The number of customers and employees permitted is limited pursuant to Code requirements, and the activities must not affect the surrounding neighborhood. (See Article 4 of the Fort Lupton Development Code)

Home occupations must meet the following standards:                                                  

  1. The occupation shall be limited to residents of the dwelling and no more than one non-resident employee. If the resident applicant is not the homeowner, the homeowner shall provide a notarized authorization with the permit application.
  2. No more than 30% of the floor area of any one floor of the dwelling unit shall be utilized for a home occupation.
  3. All activity shall be conducted within an enclosed living area, permitted accessory building, or the garage.
  4. Any materials or equipment used in the home occupation shall be stored within an enclosed structure.
  5. No alteration of the exterior of the building or site shall be made which changes the residential character of the building or site.
  6. No traffic, services, or deliveries shall be generated by the home occupation that is abnormal to a residential neighborhood.
  7. No equipment, machinery or operation shall be used in such activities that is perceptible off the premises because of noise, smoke, odor, dust, glare, radiation, electrical interference, or vibration.
  8. Only up to 10 customer or patron visits per day shall be permitted and limited to between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. All parking necessary for the use shall be confined to the garage, driveway, or street directly in front of the dwelling.
  9. Signs shall be limited to 1 non-illuminated sign, no more than 2 square feet, and within at least 10 feet of the primary entrance.

For more information on the requirements for a Home Occupation Certificate contact the Planning Department at 303-857-6694. An application to request a home occupation can be found at Home Occupation Application.

  1. Todd Hodges

    Planning Director

  2. Magaly Morales-Tejada

    Planner I