Can I use gravel for parking?

No. “Improved surface” is concrete or asphalt hard surface. Except if you have alley access to the lot. Unimproved alley access may use recycled concrete, recycled asphalt millings, or road base gravel materials for a parking space. Gravel is allowed, but not recommended due to the physical properties and likely to shift and spread.

Municipal Code Sec. 16-81. - Off-street parking and street access surface improvement requirements.

(j) In all residential zone districts, it shall be unlawful to allow parking or storage of any vehicle outside of an enclosed structure on an off-street unimproved surface, or utilize access to and from public rights-of-way on an unimproved surface. This Section shall not apply to rear yards that abut unimproved public rights-of-way. This Subsection shall not apply to owner-occupied residences until six (6) months after such property is sold or otherwise transferred.

(l) Unimproved parking surface. As used herein, the term unimproved hall is any surface which is not paved with concrete or asphalt, with appropriate base preparation, according to the expected weight loading, as determined by the Public Works Department, except that driveway rock is not an acceptable improvement to newly created parking areas and access. Older properties that have been using unimproved parking and access before 1994 may install attractive and well-maintained driveway rock to comply with this Code provision, but parking and access areas for new homes and commercial buildings and those creating new parking areas and access on existing homes and commercial buildings must use concrete or asphalt for such parking.

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